Developing a FOSS based school ICT program outline

Yesterday met with Subha-di (Das Mallick of Bal Vividha) and Malini (Intel) at the meeting at the Indumati Sabhagriha at Jadavpur Vidyapeet . The occassion was to review the Master Trainers Program from Pragati which is supported by Intel and to felicitate outstanding contributors to that effort.

FWIW, Dr. Sthanapati, Director, BITM (Birla Industrial & Technology Museum, Kolkata) has proposed a series of camps with funding from Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt of WB. Comet Media Foundation will be the ICT program partner in that endeavor and as such we are supposed to be developing the program outline. The backward district of Purulia will be the pilot site.

Based on the brief discussions yesterday, there are plans to involve Pragati, Intel and others in the initiative. The deadline to get everything in place is November 2008.

So this is basically a call for help and volunteers… any takers so far?

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  1. scorpfromhell Says:

    Indra … I have mailed my Kolkata chapter of Prajna about this post. Let me get back to you when I hear back from them. Great initiative BTW! :)

  2. Sankarshan Says:

    You haven’t specifically mentioned what you are asking for volunteers for. Unless I missed that bit completely

  3. Tathagata Says:

    I would also be “Happy to help”… but like Sankarshanda, I also missed the criteria for volunteers completely.

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