Packt Publishing listens to their customers and gets it right! Yay!!!

I’ve been a off-and-on reader of Packt Publishing, choosing to go for their e-book format over the more expensive hard copy editions. Typically they would allow me to login into my account and download the PDF based e-book which would be password protected. Today I received an email from them, which I’m putting up here in part:

In December, we decided to enable the copy and paste feature on our eBooks. Following this announcement, we received a number of suggestions from customers who would like to see the password protection removed from our eBooks as well. With the increasing popularity of reading eBooks on portable devices, the password protection was proving to be an obstacle that prevented users from doing so.

Therefore, we have taken this feedback on board and decided to remove all password protection from our eBooks with immediate effect. If you own a Packt eBook, you can download it again from your account at; this new copy will have no password protection. We would like to thank all customers who took the time to provide us with this feedback and we hope you are pleased with this outcome.

The move IMHO shares a lot of similarity to the recent Red Hat & Microsoft interoperability deal on virtualization. It seems that for the smarter players the demands from consumers are getting to shape DRM policies in publishing. Kudos to Packt! I’m definitely buying more from you :)

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