A busy sunday

Woke up rather early today. Pradeepto stopped by at WBUT on his way to the airport, to meet ART (the vice chancellor) to discuss the proposed training programs for Qt. The meeting went off well… we ended up tentatively slotting 3 training shifts over the course of the next 12 months. The first one is scheduled for 20 - 21st of July, followed by one in September 2007 and one in Jan - Feb 2008.

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After seeing off Pradeepto it was time for some serious work. Worked with ART to plan the programme for 11th May, when all the Vice Chancellors of the 13 Universities of West Bengal are scheduled to participate in a 1-day orientation-cum-brainstorming session on FOSS. The meeting would be addressed by the MIC, Dept of IT (Prof. Debes Das) and MIC, Dept of Higher Education (Prof. Sudarshan Roychowdhury). Also on the same day, an MoA is scheduled to be signed with NASSCOM and hence Kiran Karnik is also expected to be present and speaking at the program.

In the afternoon, there was a meeting scheduled at our regular watering-hole. Abhisek, Soumyadip and Santanu turned up. We discussed the up-coming training workshop at Calcutta University, budgets, future plans for more workshop. I gave the updates on the morning’s events at WBUT and the proposed NRC-FOSS node at Kolkata. We ate, drank, smoked, cussed… we also discussed about gcc optimizations, santanu and kakoli’s forth-coming marriage, state politics, the general state of affairs of ILUG-Cal.ORG, Japanese beer, eating sushi and wasabi dips. But not necessarily in that order.  And FWIW, Soumyadip has finally mastered the art of eating a beef steak with a blunt knife! :P

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Around 8:30 we decided to the Barista outlet across the road for some coffee… that ended up in a far lighter mood, with p0werp0rk going into sting-op cam mode, much unlike Karunakar’s “Indranil… are these bengali girls?”. Finally, I hustled Santanu into buying us all some cigars and we decided to call it a day.

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