The dichotomy of “open standards”

This morning Tamal-da (Sen, of WEBEL) mailed me in all urgency about his immediate trip to Berlin tonight to attend the First International ODF User Workshop in Berlin to be held on 29 - 30th Oct, 2007.

On visiting the website to check out the agenda, I was left with a bit of bad taste in the mouth. The site has been rendered as Flash movie. That’s funny, in the sense that the site claims the following :

The objective of the workshop is to create greater public-sector awareness and understanding of both the technical and policy-oriented considerations involved in migrating to an open format.

ODF Workshop and Adobe Flash

I wonder since when did Adobe Flash become exactly an “Open Standard”?

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  1. Bhasker V Kode Says:

    ^ its not only the folks at the standards . i was amused when mike arrington from techcrunch noted how google and microsoft themselves. would u expect even ajax guru’s , yup 8 )

    Keep Clicking,

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