A call for help

There is going to be an education fair with a difference (Bal Vividha) to be held at Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM) from 6 - 9 December 2007. The program has a strong pro-FOSS agenda.

FWIW, I’m helping WBUT to put up a stall at the venue where we’ll be showcasing LTSP with Bengali / Hindi Desktop and Multi-media Support; AMD Geode based Ultra-Value Clients PCs running FOSS s/w and using just a 12V DC input to power themselves.

I’m terribly short of hands to manage the displays for 4 days. So, this is a general call for help to you all. We need stall volunteers. Anyone interested will be “rewarded” with a quick-n-dirty hands-on experience on LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) technology and cups of coffee and my boring company :P . Interested persons can get in touch with me over phone - 98300-20971 or by email off-list

And I have a bit of exciting information for the last, we (the organisers) have managed to invite OLPC (One-Laptop-Per-Child) India team to come and participate. And so you may actually get to fiddle around with the latest XOs. So, even if you are too busy to volunteer, do come down to the exhibition, it would be rather exciting :D

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