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Elephant Rentals and why I *hate* bollywood!!!!

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Dear Lazyweb,


Today, Ms. Robbin Wilber (potentially my future mom-in-law) demanded that I find out about the cost of renting a trained Indian Elephant for the purpose of wedding that is likely to be held in Kolkata sometime next year (2009), with everything else remaining equal.

The aforementioned elephant should be trained to carry both the groom and the bride to the wedding reception, should not smell too bad and the elephant agency should preferably accept American credit cards. Those were her stipulations. If any one has an idea about elephant rentals, please drop a line of comment.

Apparently its the Bollywood movies that has done this harm. Arghhhhh!!!! I’m wordering if I can get out of this one by saying that we have a Pre-nuptial Agreement which stipulates “NO ELEPHANTS” ;-)


PS. I do not know what it is about Americans and Indian elephants… if someone does please leave a comment to enlighten me.

The ultimate insult or visual oxymoron… ?

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

The photo of a FOSS geek wearing a GNOME t-shirt as a wallpaper on a MSFT Windows Vista Desktop…. such is life… :-P