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WiFi and mosquito bites! hmmm

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

The last weekend I added a Linksys WiFi router - the WRT54G “out-of-sheer-necessity” ™ to my existing pile of hardware at home. Unfortunately, I got one with a CDFB serial number and hence it’s VxWorks instead of OpenWRT for me… duh!!! The guys I bought it from are the authorised distributor for the product in Kolkata, and while I could find vendors who stocked pre-CDFB models, all of those were too old… firmware version 2.2 or there about!

Must say that the range is pretty decent… i’m posting this sitting in the “Park” of our “society”, with my mail being downloaded in the background… its nearly 100 feet away and not in the direct line-of-sight… I’m thinking about a set of new hi-gain antennae… but mosquitos have choosen to have a drink-as-much-as-you-can campaign… and I need to get inside the house if I want to save my skin! ;-)