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In the beginning there was nothin, and then…

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

Soumyadip had been after my life for as long as I can remember for setting up an Ubuntu mirror at WBUT. He should be a happy person now. This last evening we kick-started the “mirroring” business by creating the Dapper (Beta) mirror for i386. It took ~10.5 hours to fetch the ~12GB of data. Not bad! Especially since I’m expecting to see more bandwidth being added at the University

It official now, the University is going into a full-fledged Desktop migration, and Ubuntu happens to be the distro of choice. Of late, I have made friends with a couple of nifty software - OCS Inventory NG and GLPI, for managing the IT assets and software licencing compliance during the migration process. More on that as it unfolds.