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Bal Vividha (Dec 6 - 9, 2007)

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Bal Vividha (Dec 6 - 9, 2007)
Comet Media Foundation, in collaboration with Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, is organising a national colloquium “Knowledge & Schooling : Growing up in the Digital Age” on the 6th December, 2007 at the BITM auditorium.

The colloquium is a part of the four days long education fair called bal vividha (Bengali name :Harek Rokom Ba) bal vividha, a fair to celebrate alternate approaches to education, has been designed and initiated by Comet Media Foundation. It has been an annual event in Mumbai for the past 10 years. In 2006, bal vividha took place in Kolkata for the first time and met with reasonable success.

At this year’s bal vividha or Harek Rokom Ba, scheduled from the 6th to the 9th of December, we shall give special emphasis on technology enabled learning. There is no entry fee to attend the colloquium on 6th Dec.

More mirror news from WBUT

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

We have taken yet another step ahead in terms of supporting the FOSS Initiative at WBUT. As of the last week the public mirror at the WBUT, has added the Linux Documentation Project to the list of mirrored projects.

In other mirror news, Fedora 8, the Fedora 8 Updates and Fedora8 Livna repos are also now online and we are seeing quite a few downloads everyday. We are also in the process of increasing the bandwidth available from 2Mbps to 5 Mbps shortly.

All of the credit for maintaining the mirror as well as driving me nuts by asking for more and more storage goes to this guy. Of course, none of these would have ever been possible without the active support from Prof. Ashoke Thakur. Personally, I’m yet to meet an University Vice Chancellor who insists of viewing the daily transfer stats. He now wants to put up a ticker style display in the area where he receives the visitors - “We have uploaded $x GB today. What has been your contribution to that?“. Thanks to all our friends for the support and words of encouragement. It means a lot to us. Thanks a lot guys! :D

Report of CASTLE Labs deployment

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

First newspaper report of the program

The first CASTLE deployment D-Day is here… Finally!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

One of the first projects to utilize the L2C2 framework, was CASTLE (Computer Aided Studies, Teaching and Learning Environment). We had first visualised the concept way back in mid-2004. Yet we had not been very successful in rolling it out at large.

All that changes tomorrow! :-D Thats because the computer systems will be reaching the Bijra High School at Durgapur by noon tomorrow. These thin-clients are powered by Free / Libre software, feature quick and tidy disaster recovery, are largely plug-n-play, have low power consumption requirements and have an almost zero-administration cost. However, the focus is principally on the customized content, both in Bengali as well as English along with a plethora of edutainment software.

The Bijra project has been an exciting case of indigenous development and use of FOSS, nurtured by the young volunteers of BC Roy Engg College and DGPLUG members. Of course, none of these would have been possible without WBUT’s unstinting support to FOSS. WBUT is incidentally donating the systems on which CASTLE is being rolled out at the Durgapur school. More from Bijra tomorrow.