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Apologies to everyone and a call for help!

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Folks… all of you who have suffered from attempts of F9 download from the WBUT mirror… my most sincere apologies! The last one I know is Tejas (Toolz copy-pasted me a bit of his rant).

Here is what happened… the DNS servers at WBUT failed due to media failure. And today was a holiday at the University under NI Act, due to the local Panchayat elections. The issue can be addressed only sometime tomorrow morning, not before.

My apologies once again for raising people’s expectations and then failing to deliver. Also for fwiw, it is only a 3 Mbit pipe from VSNL that serves the mirror. I was reading a fwd from Gora (Mohanty) about NIXI considering supporting FOSS software mirrors. We are running desparately short on b/w vis-a-vis the demand. If any one can help in anyway in securing b/w support, then Susmit and myself are willing to go whatever work is required to keep the mirror in prime and proper shape. Any help any one? - Ready and standing by for F9 bitflip

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Our mirror is ready and standing by for the Fedora 9 bitflip. Fedora 9 is planned for release at 15:00 UTC today. Out of the 141 global public Fedora mirrors that are supposed to carry the Fedora 9 content, about 41 has till now synced up for the i386 iso.

Thanks to Susmit’s efforts, the WBUT FOSS mirror is among these 41 mirrors globally that are first off-the-starting-block. Cheerio! :D

Is this what Free Software or Open Source is?????

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

“Free and open source software have been gaining ground but many people are not aware of them. One of the primary aims of the centre will be to spread awareness on free and open source programmes, which do not have licensing or intellectual property rights issues,” said Partha Pratim Biswas, a senior teacher and a member of the university executive council.

The above is from a report published in The Telegraph, Kolkata edition. The initiative - IOTA is sponsored program of Dept of IT, Govt of West Bengal.

I’m truly appalled by the quote and the understanding of Free Software!

2nd CASTLE rollout begins

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

After Bijra High School, where we had earlier setup the first pilot of the CASTLE (Computer-Aided Studies, Teaching and Learning Environment) initiative, it’s now the time to start rolling out the second school - Radhakantapur High School in the West Midnapore (পশ্চিম মেদিনীপুর) district of West Bengal. This time, the engineering college at Chandrakona town will act as the local partner to the project just like BCREC has done for the Bijra project.

The boys - Soumen Bar and Anutosh Dutta, who will act as local support for the project at Radhakantapur, arrived in the city on Sunday. However, I still needed some volunteers to work on the deployment readiness phase of the project, and so sent out a call to the WBUT-LUG members. Within, 15 minutes, 13 of them (from 2nd and 3rd Year BTech IT) had enthusiastically responded. The teams are in place.

I’m visiting the school today for a site survey. Soumen will be accompanying me. He will liaison with the school in getting the site ready after we make the necessary recommendations. The project implementation ETA - 15th of May, 2008.

“Time you old gypsy man, will you not stay?” - the first registered NTP server in India

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

We are glad to announce that the first and sole (at this time) time server (NTP) in India has been setup at the West Bengal University of Technology.

You can verify this by synchronizing your computer clock to As root:

#ntpdate -u

This cluster is automatically generated. Due to this, the server may not be included in the cluster for very small time periods. Otherwise all clock sync requests from India should be redirected to this server which hosts the service. :)

At present, this is a Stratum 2 server, we are trying to ensure upgrading its status to a Stratum 1 server. Hopefully, we will soon get a few more servers across India.