ILUG-Cal November 2004 Meeting

Prof. A. R. Thakur welcoming ILUG-Cal and all participants on behalf of WBUT 

Indranil opening the show, and making his "infamous" faux pas! 

Archan Paul holds forth on embedded Linux on Appliance Servers and Network Forensics 

Trinanjan demos a FC2 installation 

Anindya explains how to partition a harddrive while Trinanjan handles the demo 

JPM speaking about using GNU toolset with SBC ARM board 

JPM showing the $70 board to the rapt audience. Who knew embedded systems were so "affordable" 

Indranil on Localised Library Information Services (L2IS) - demos Koha in Bangla mode 

The Audience! 

The Audience #2. Sukanta Basak from Redhat Kolkata can be seen in the pic (thats him with the finger on his cheek) 

Yet another audience shot! 

Post-meeting pow-wow! Plans being hatched for a day-long session at DPS Technologies Ltd on embedded Linux and ARM boards 

One last photo before the last of the lot departed for the day. Standing from left to right: PKS, Sukanta, Indranil, JPM, Karunakar; Seated: Sayamindu, Saugata, Subhobrata, Aji (from GRMTech) & Anshul (?) 

This is how "The Boss" arrived minutes before the LUG meet was concluded. 

Published by Indranil Das Gupta on 08 November 2004, 01:36